Dunkeld, Perth

The Cathedral in Dunkeld is very old, and very beautiful. It stands partly roofless, with the remainder an active Parish Church. There are many tombstones in and around the Cathedral, among which are several for Jack families.

Dunkeld_Cathedral3 DunkeldCathedral
Dunkeld Cathedral

Dunkeld Cathedral

Dunkeld_Cathedral4 Dunkeld_Cathedral2
Dunkeld Cathedral

Dunkeld Cathedral

These five tombstones are for Dunkeld people named Jack who are in the family tree.

JohnJackTS JessieJackTS ThomasJack4TS
Erected By
John Jack
Cabinet Maker Dunkeld
In Memory of
Elizabeth Jack
His Wife
Who Died 3rd Dec 1864
Jessie Smith
His Wife
Who Died 6th May 1866
Jessie Conacher Jack
His Daughter
Who Died 5th Feb 1882
Aged 2 Years and 8 Months
And Her Mother
Elizabeth Proudfoot
15th April 1885 Aged 37 Years
Also In Memory Of
The Above John Jack
Who Died 13th July 1896

Jessie Jack
Beloved Wife of
John Anderson
Who Died At The Cross Dunkeld
January 1915 Aged 29 Years
And Their Daughter
Elizabeth Jack
Who Died 11th March 1871 Aged 7 Months
Mary Clark Wilson
Who Died 28 May xxxx Aged 11 Months
Also The Above
John Anderson
Who Died xxxx Aged 30 Years

Erected In Memory Of
Thomas Jack
Who Died 8 May 1906
And Margaret Wooley His Wife
Who Died 12 June 1895
And Of Their Son
John Thomas
Who Died 21 April 1868
Who Died 6 Mar 1897
William George
Fleet Surgeon, R. N.
Who Died 21 December 1914
Robert Alexander
Died 20th October 1932
Maria Meredith Dyce
Died 13 June 1933
Marian Jack Or Mackay
Died 14 May 1940

ThomasJack3TS AndrewJackTS
Tombstone of James Jack and Jean Stewart Fraser

In Memory of
Andrew Jack
Shoemaker Dunkeld
Who Died 20th May 1836
Aged 34 Years
And Of His Wife
Margaret Campbell
Keeper Of The Cathedral Gate For 25 Years
Who Died 5th December 1885
Aged 85 Years
Also Of Their Son
Who Died In Infancy 27th December 1833

Dunkeld ThomasJackHouseDunkeld4
Main Street of Dunkeld

Dean's Cross, Home of Thomas Jack, Dunkeld

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