Notes on Thomas Jack , Mayor of Dalby, Australia




1871 Census:

51 Cathedral Street

Jane Jack Head 33 Baker Dowally, Perth

Thomas Son, 3 Dunkeld


Possible 1881 census: Cathedral Street, Dunkeld, Perth, Scotland

Jane JACKW 37 F Dowally, Perth, Scotland

HeadBaker (Employing 2 Men 1 Boy)

Thomas JACK U 13 M Murthly, Perth, Scotland



Margaret FRASER U 34 F Dowally, Perth, Scotland

SisterBakers Shopkeeper


1891 Scotland census: Clerk Unmarried aged 23

living with his motherís sister Margaret Fraser (unmarried) aged 37 (31) Shop keeper born Dowally.



THOMAS JACK (From: Dalby South State School research notes on Dalby)

Thomas Jack Memorial Park: Development of this parkland commenced in the late 1950's and wa s named after Alderman T.J. Jack who was Mayor of Dalby from 1930-1952. The park has been extensively developed with native trees and shrubs and many other varieties contribute to its attractiveness.


An extract: From Swamp to City...1863-1963. The Story of Dalby

Few would quarrel with the verdict that Thomas Jack was the biggest name of all and that to h is business acumen and skill, his all-round popularity, and his unswerving belief in the town 's destiny can be traced the great forward march which brought Dalby to the forefront among the provincial centres of Queensland.

Backed by enthusiastic and hard-working aldermen (this, by the way, has been always a notable characteristic of Dalby's civic life) Thomas Jack provided the inspiration, the courage and the drive which brought to Dalby during the years of his reign an enormous programme of street and footpath improvements, improved water and light reticulation, street tree planting, t he provision of recreation grounds, the erection of the Dalby Pool and the laying down of bowling greens, hockey grounds, and tennis courts.

In fields other than that of civic endeavour, the late Thomas Jack was "in everything", bringing his zeal and wisdom to bear there also. His drive was apparent in the business world also , for he founded the firm of Thomas Jack and Co. Ltd., general merchants, and conducted it with energy and imagination but eventually sold out to the present firm of Thomas Jack and Co. prior to his death. He was also a lover of high class music and was a first-rate violinist.



Sarah Mitchell Maxwell, b. 23 February 1897, m. Thomas Jack in Warwick, Queensland, Australia


Courtesy of Chris Cork