Thomas Jack, Baron Baillie





As in England a lord of the manor had his local court, so in Scotland the holder of a feudal barony has, implicitly, a Baron Court. The president of such a court is a Baron-Baillie an d the chief officer a Baron-Sergeant (or Baron-Officer). The insignia of a Baron-Baillie i s a flat cap of justice, environed by two guards of braid and usually in the livery colours o f the baron concerned. A very few Baron-Baillies have gowns, badges and pendants relevant to the estate they serve. The symbols of office of the Baron-Sergeant (or Baron-Officer) are a white Ell-wand (or Wand of Peace), one Scots ell in length (approximately thirty-seven inches), together with a horn.


From Dunkeld: Its Straths and Glens - An Historical Perspective. Charles McLean 1879:


Pg 23:

Dunkeld is now a Burgh in the Barony under his Grace the Duke of Athole, the jurisdication of which is conducted by a Baron Bailie, who is ex-officio Justice of the Peace, and a Commissioner of Supply. He holds no Courts, and is appointed during the pleasure of his Superior. The present holder of the office is our worthy citizen Mr. Thomas Jack.


National Archives of Scotland:


Dunkeld Barony and Regality -Dunkeld, Perthshire

17th-19th cent : papers incl court book, register of deeds and processes, rolls of vassals


Courtesy of Chris Cork