Summary of Writ No. 4

THOMAS JACK, slater, House in St Ninians Wynd. Notes from Title Deed

Tenant Disposition and Settlement by T.J. d. 1869

Charles J. Cately Surgeon in Dunkeld 1869

Wood and plaster building on Robt D Werten Boundary still existing in 1869

Bounded on the N by property formula of John Young mason now to the heirs of James Brodie Dunkeld (1869)

ALYTH PROPERTY All and Haill tenement of houses, biggings yard and loft sometime belonging to the now deceased Thos. Jack, tailor in Alyth formerly to John Forrester then to his son Alexander, thereafter owned by Alex Soutar, Andrew Sandeman, James Fyfe in Balhany from whom my grandfather purchased the same, with other subjects

Bounded on NORTH by the common highway of the town

on the WEST by loft pertaining to heirs of John Smith in Shangie

on the SOUTH by the yard which pertained to Robert Johnston, feuar

on the EAST by the loft which pertained to David Mitchell lammeman and feuar

with liberty of brewing in said tenement and wuining "turf feal" from the mynes and muirs of MORNITY and Hill of Alyth and of pertaining there also ALLand HAILL that dwelling house in Alyth formerly possessed by David Low with 1/3 part of the yard... purchased by my grandfather from Wm Marshall in MORNITY, after disposed by him to Wm Blair and Jean Jack in lifesent and to Thomas Blair... thereafter be disposed by Wm. and Thos. Bean in favor of Thomas Jack my late father, but excepting any part of the premises to which JAMES JACK tailor of Alyth may have acquired right.

DISPONED to me by T.J. my father 6/8/1820.

All the above disposed to my trustees (Thos Bailie jun, Chas MD and Robert Douglas Blacksmith)

for purposes specified: to be sold and proceeds divided in 5 equal shares 1/5 to Thomas, 1/5 to be invested

for children of my late son JAMES, 1/5 to CHARLES, 1/5 to be invested for behoof of son ALEXANDER now in America and to pay him the interest or to pay the capital sum, 1/5 to be invested for behoof of my son ROBERT the interest to be paid as weekly or monthly allowance on trustees could purchase an annuity - not to be attachable by his creditors.

Date of T.D.&S 8/12/1869 witnesses Henry Ritchie Messenger at Arms, Dunkeld (writer of the Deed) Alexander Robertson, Shopman to Thos. Jack junior and residing with him. T.D. and S and Inventory of Personal Estate recorded in the Commisary Courtbooks, Perth 5/11/1870.

Thomas Jack's House in St Ninian's Wynd - Dunkeld