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Charles Jack was born in Manchester, England, of a Scottish father and an English mother. On his father's side, he is a descendant of Ian MacIan, a relative of the Chieftain of the MacDonalds massacred at Glencoe in 1692. Ian's son Thomas Jack fought for the Jacobites at Culloden in 1745.

Jeannette Pouliot was French Canadian, from l'Ile d'Orleans, Quebec, and descended from many of the earliest French colonists, as well as from a Scottish highlander who was given land in Quebec in 1763, for his military service.

Lawrence Connors was the grandson of Irish immigrants to Boston. His mother's family (the Coynes and the Devers) were from Counties Sligo, Mayo, and Donegal. His father was placed in an orphanage at the age of 7, but we have recently learned something of his parents.

Grace Edwards was born in Nova Scotia, the descendant of English, Irish, German, Acadian, Montbeliard, and Scottish immigrants. She is descended from many of the first settlers of Nova Scotia, including at least two Loyalist soldiers of the American Revolution.

Hazel Senora Frey's ancestor Tobias Frey came from Germany to York, Pennsylvania in 1729, and the family is still there today.

Louise A. Maul also comes from a long line of people who originally came from Germany and Switzerland to York, Pennsylvania as early as 1733. Her line includes Bott, Oberlander, Bager/Baugher, Ziegler, Schmidt, Menges, and Miller as well as Maul/Moul.


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