What's New in Our Family Tree Research

This page will feature general updates on our family tree research. We've had some exciting finds lately!


  • Updated all web pages. It's about time! Actually, I have been updating the family tree file on ancestry.com, so I have not been idle.


  • Updated all web pages.


  • A new look for the web site! New backgrounds, images, and colors. Let me know how it looks on your computer!


  • Updated all web pages.

    Added some Rogers genealogy for my sister-in-law Cheryl's family tree. Also, a few more vital statistics from novascotiagenealogy.com. Plus, some distant cousins have sent corrections and updates.


  • Updated all web pages.

    This web site is now on a new server. The old one was infected by a "WORM" --- yuck!

    New info on the Meany family in Cork City Ireland has been added. The earliest is the marriage of Michael Meany and Bessie Calnan in 1860. Plus, they have three more children that I did not know about!

    More info has been added to the McKinley family from novascotiagenealogy.com. They have a great database for Nova Scotia vital statistics.


  • Updated all web pages.

    I have added more members to my sister-in-law Rita's family tree. I have also done some research on my sister-in-law Linda's family tree. Her Hatz family lived in Philadelphia, and came from Switzerland.


  • Updated all web pages.

    I have been researching my sister-in-law Rita's family tree. She said she was a Mayflower descendant, and she was right! She is descended from several of the original Mayflower passengers: Stephen Hopkins, Elizabeth Tilley, John Howland, and Elder William Brewster, the Pilgrim's spiritual leader.

    I have only done a quick, rough, search, using the internet (Wikipedia has a lot on the Pilgrims!), and I have not yet completed all the lines back to the original immigrants. Several of Rita's ancestors arrived in the 1630's.

    This has been a fun project! I have learned a lot about the Pilgrims and the settement of Cape Cod. Rita's ancestor Gabriel Whelding was one of the founders of Yarmouth and Dennis, and her ancestor William Nickerson was the founder of Chatham.

    I was intrigued to find that many of the same surnames that appear in Cape Cod also appear in Nova Scotia. These people were probably Planters who immigrated there before the Revolution, or Loyalists who went there to escape the Revolution. I hope to learn more. I have an ancestor named Gorham whom I would love to trace back farther!


  • I have been reading the book "Saxons, Vikings, and Celts" by Brian Sykes, which is about DNA testing of thousands of people in Great Britain to determine their common ancestry. Sykes discovered a common DNA signature among men who are descended from Somerled, a Viking who was a great war leader among the early inhabitants of the Western Isles of Scotland. His descendants are named MacDonald, MacAlastair, and MacDougal.

    The MacIains of Glencoe were MacDonalds, and thus should have the Somerled DNA.

    Clan Donald has a large DNA project, and they have pages devoted to the Somerled genes (and others). They have posted the DNA sequences here.

    My birthday present last year was a DNA test kit for my husband Charlie. We sent it in, and received the results last year.

    As I could have guessed, Charlie is unique. He has no matches in Family Tree DNA's database! He is classified as having ancestors from Great britain. Big deal.

    Today, after reading Brian Syke's book, I compared Charlie's DNA profile to those of the MacDonalds who descend from Somerled.

    There is no match. Charlie is not descended from Somerled. He could still be a MacDonald, but he's probably not related to the Chief of the Glencoe MacDonalds.


  • Updated all web pages. I have cousins in Australia!!!

    I received an email from Doreen Powell, who had seen Bartholomew McGetrick and Mary King on my web site. They are her GG Grandparents, making us fourth cousins, once removed. The "Irish letter" from Mary Kate Coen does not mention that Bartley and Mary had three other children -- John, Ellen/Eleanor, and Margaret -- who all emigrated to Australia in the 1850's. John and Margaret never married and had no issue, but Eleanor has many descendants today.
    I have made pages for the story of my trip to Ireland in 2007, and for the Irish letter from Mary Kate. Click here to read them.


  • Updated all web pages. I have added photos and text from my 2007 trip to Ireland, on the Ireland links page. Also, I went to the Boston Archdiocese Archives and looked at the marriage record for Andrew O'Connor and Minnie Meaney, and at the baptismal records for Lizzie Meaney Gingras' children. I found two more siblings for Minnie: Michael and Margaret. Now she's one of six!


  • Updated all web pages. Just small finds this time, but it had been a while since I updated the web site.


  • Updated all web pages. Lots of new data!

    New England Ancestors, published by the New England Historical Genealogy Society, had several articles about Nantucket genealogy. I used a web site they mentioned, www.nha.org, to get information about the Nantucket ancestors of my sister-in-law, Cheryl. This was a treasure trove!

    Then I traveled to Salt Lake City with TIARA for a week of genealogy research at the LDS library. The library has millions of microfilms, fiches, and books on genealogy and history. I concentrated on the Olliffes and Clarkes of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England, and on the Maul family of York, Pennsylvania. I spent hours going over the parish registers for Aylesbury, Stone, and Hartwell, adding many dates and new information to the database.

    I found a book: "Conradt Maul and his Decendants" by Gertrude Kraber Dworzak, written in 1965. It has over 1000 Mauls, all connected to my daughter-in-law's family. The author is Angie's first cousin, three times removed, so she had a lot of insider information! She did an excellent job, and wrote a history of the earliest immigrants in all the families from which Angie's mother descends. Her tree now goes back 14 generations! It includes not only many Civil War veterans, but also many veterans of the American Revolution.


  • Updated all web pages. Sandy and Bob Jack, and Rodney and Rita Jack, held a family reunion on September 20, 2008 for all the descendents of Albina Lantagne and her first husband, Frederick Pouliot, and her second husband, Ludger Arguin. Charlie is the grandson of Albina and Frederick.

    All of the Jacks were there, except Aaron and Adam, who live too far away. Both of Yvette's children, all three of Alphonse's, and most of Antonio's children, came --- with their children and grandchildren. Representing her generation, Lucille Chevarie enjoyed the party. The family tree database has been updated to show the newest members, and some old info has been corrected and enhanced. Click here for photos of the event.


  • Updated all web pages. I received an email from Dr. Geoff Hone in England, whose great-uncle married Amy Jack, daughter of John "Provost" Jack. She is my husband's first cousin, twice removed. I was delighted to be able to connect Geoff with Keith Mackay, who is closely related to this Jack line. The two men have been exchanging a flurry of emails, with pictures and family stories. Amy and Robert Roseberry Poole were married in South Africa, and lived there for over 50 years.Amy's family traveled often to South Africa and India, more than 100 years ago!


  • I took advantage of a trip to Lowell to the Spinners baseball game, to visit the Lawrence library again. This time I was looking in the city directories for Andrew O'Connor. He was there in 1890 (papermaker, house 33 Carver), 1891-2 (papermaker, boards 54 South Broadway),1896 (white washer,house, 44 South Broadway), 1897-98 (same), and 1898-99 (house, 44 South Broadway). Nothing after that, and the 1900 edition was missing.

    I found a whole family named Meaney, and researched them, but could find no link to Minnie. I did find another possible brother: James Meaney, moulder, boards at 4 Allen St in 1897-98. This is Lizzie Gingras' address. In 1898 he removed to Boston. Couldn't find anything more on him.


  • New info on the Canadian ancestry of my sister-in-law, Cheryl. I found a book on ancestry.com about families in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. It is a compilation of articles that appeared in the Yarmouth Herald, Nove Scotia, between 1896 and 1909, written by George S. Brown. It has quite a bit on the Gardners, including Sarah Gardner (1800-1890) who married John Weddleton. Cheryl's ancestors were Quakers who were among the founders of the city of Salem, Massachusetts. They removed to Nantucket for more religious freedom, and from there to Yarmouth in 1764. There is a history of the Rogers family, also ancestors of Cheryl Hayes Connors. This family may have arrived on the Mayflower. I need to do some more research on them.


  • Updated all web pages. I did some more research on Lizzie Meany's children. I found the two younger daughters, Ida and Elizabeth, ages 12 and 14, in the Home of the Good Shepherd in Boston in 1910. Maybe it was a boarding school at that time? By 1930, Lizzie was living with her widowed daughter, Minnie Short, in Boston. I have not found the oldest daughter, Margaret.

    Ida married a man from Minnesota, named Joseph Lherault, and had four children who grew up in Wrentham, Massachusetts. There are still Lheraults in that area - maybe they are cousins?

    I also found a brother for Minnie and Lizzie: Thomas Meany was living with Lizzie and Leon Gingras in the 1920 census. There is a birth record for him in the IGI, and it says he was born in Cork City, Cork, Ireland. His WWI Draft registration seems to say the name of his birthplace (maybe St. Finbar?) but it is difficult to read.

    I also found another generation for the Maul family of York, Pennsylvania: Peter F.(b. 1830) and his wife Sarah (b. 1835). They had nine children, including Albert who was Angela Jack's ancestor.


  • Updated all web pages -- AGAIN! After I finished the last update, I browsed the New England Ancestors database for more on the Meany family. When I entered a search for M Meany, I got a record for the marriage of Minnie Meany and Andrew O'Connor!!!
    He seems to be the same man named on Joseph Connors'/Thomas Meany's birth record (age 30, b. Ireland, moulder) except that his name is O'Connor instead of Connors. He is not the Andrew Connors who died in Lawrence in 1896. Minnie is 25 instead of 20, and has completely different parents! Instead of Michael and Elizabeth, she names Patrick and Catherine!!!
    I really don't know what to make of this. It seems improbable that this could be some other couple - the wedding takes place 10 days after Minnie and the baby came home from Tewkesbury. And why was I unable to find the marriage record before?
    And, in a eerie side note, when Michael Meany came to America for a visit in 1890 on the SS Pavonia, a man named James Meany, 21, was also on the ship. There is a birth record in the IGI for James Meany, 9 July 1877, in Kilkenny, son of Patrick and Catherine!!!

    Between Andrew having different surnames, Joseph changing his name completely, and Minnie having two sets of parents -- this family is very difficult to research!
    Stay tuned for further developments.


  • Updated all web pages. I have been researching the Connors and Meaney families in Lawrence, trying to trace them back to Ireland. I found a birth record in Cork for Lizzie Meany, so that may be where Michael Meany and Elizabeth Calnan were married. I have been informed that Calnan is a Cork name!
    I found ship's manifest records for Minnie and Michael (separately).
    I found death certificates in Lawrence, Massachusetts for Andrew Connors Sr. and his wife Mary Byrnes Connors, which gave the names of their parents, but not their birthplaces. It seems the Connors family was pretty casual about their surname. I found the family listed as "Conners" in the 1880 census, as "Connors" in the Lawrence City Directories, and as "O'Connor" on Andrew Senior's death certificate!


  • I have received some wonderful old photos from Charlie's cousin Keith MacKay, of the Jack and Duncan family members. I have added four new pages to the Photo Gallery to display them, and other photos.


  • Updated all web pages on the web site. Announcing the birth of Connor Thomas Jack, May 1 2008! He's the new root of our family tree.


  • Updated all web pages on the web site. It's been a busy week, genealogically speaking!
    In cleaning out my files, I found some data on the Wise and Hartman familes in PA, given to me by son Ed, that I hadn't entered into the database. It's there now.
    I did some searching on the web for the Connors family of Lawrence, and found Andew Connors, Sr, with six children, including the son Andrew who died in 1896. These seem to be my family, as there are no other Andrews in Lawrence at that time. I went to the Lawrence Library and searched the City Directories. I have linked this Andrew as the probable father of Joseph Connors.
    I went with cousin Marie and Tom Dorsey to Quincy, MA, to find the Devers' family tombstone and search for their obits in the Quincy Patriot Ledger. We found everything, including 3 nephews in Burlington VT for Grace Dever, and the grave of Mary Cryan Dever and her son Dennis!
    And finally, to cap off a perfect week, we received an email from Keith MacKay in Scotland, introducing himself as the great-grandson of John "Provost" Jack! He is Charlie's third cousin, once removed, and has lots of data and great photos to share!
    All of this new info is now on the web site, and I have new avenues to explore. Where is that Connors family in the 1900 census????


  • Updated all web pages on the web site. Janis Duffy of the Massachusetts State Archives graciously offered to search the records for the birth of Joseph Oliver Connors at the Tewkesbury State Almshouse. She found it!!!
    Joseph Connors was listed as Thomas Meaney!!! His parents were Minnie Meaney and Andrew Connors, both born in Ireland and living in Lawrence, Massachusetts. They were not married. Minnie came over in 1887 or 1888 and had a sister, Lizzie, also living in Lawrence. We now know the names of their parents: Michael and Elizabeth Meaney. I have researched Lizzie's husband and children, but cannot find them in the census records. I need to look for Thomas Meaney's record at the Almshouse. And, I need to find an Andrew Connors, born in Ireland, living in Lawrence!

  • Updated all web pages on the web site. Added new ancestor information for Carolyn's sister-in-law Cheryl. In addition to the interesting Portugese branch, it seems Cheryl's Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, ancestors came from Nantucket Island, and include many familiar names such as Starbuck, Coffin, Macy, and Gardner. I need to check church records to see if what I have found in ancestry.com's forums is true. One contributor's tree goes back to 1250! Also, GG grandmother Ruth Rodgers is said to be descended from a Mayflower passenger, Thomas Rogers. Who knew?

  • Updated all web pages on the web site.

  • Carolyn received a register report on the Descendants of Francis Olliffe, from Angela Booth in Sydney Australia. Angela is a fourth cousin, once removed, to Charlie Jack. She has researched the Olliffe family of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, through six generations, with the help of other Olliffe researchers she has met on the web. This is a fantastic break, as I have not been able to find where Richard Olliffe was born or married. Since I knew he had relatives in Stone, I was planning to look through the parish registers, but Angela has saved me the trouble! Thanks to Hazel Lonseth for introducing us!

  • Carolyn went to the Boston Catholic Archdiocese Archives to look for a baptismal record for Joseph Connors: no luck. The Tewkesbury parish was St. William's, and the register contained baptisms and burials for the Almshouse. Neither Joseph Connors nor Mary Meany Connors was in the register.

    Assuming that Rosebury is really Roxbury, I searched all five Roxbury parish records, but again found nothing. On the suggestion of the volunteer at the archives, at home I searched on the web for a marriage between Andrew Connors and Mary Meany in Canada - no luck. Sigh.


  • Carolyn went to the New England Historical Genealogical Society library in Boston to look for a Massachusetts marriage record for Andrew Connors and Mary Meany. No luck. Perhaps they were married in another state. I have an appointment to go to the Boston Catholic Archdiocese Archives to look for a baptismal record for Joseph Connors. I have learned that there was an Almshouse in Tewkesbury, Massachusetts, where he was born. The list of patients include several named Mary Connors around the time of his birth. It's very sad to think that he may have been born in an almshouse, then sent to an orphanage!

  • Carolyn did some research on ancestry.com for Moses Gilbert and family. I received new information from Claire and Dawn Edwards and added it, then updated the web site.

  • Finally -- after all these years -- some information about Grandpa Joe!
    Carolyn called the Immaculate mary Nursing Home in Lawrence, which was once the Immaculate Mary Protectorate where Joseph Oliver Connors lived as a child. I talked to a woman who told me that all the old records had been sent to the Headquarters of the Gray Nuns in Montreal, and gave me the email address of their archivist. I wrote, and received an immediate reply!
    Francois Nadeau wrote: Unfortunately until the early twentieth century the admissions records for the Protectory of Mary Immaculate were quite cursory. Following is all that I could find regarding Joseph Oliver Connors:
    "March 23, 1899 (#1579) Joseph Connors, son of Andrew Connors and Mary Meany, was born & baptized in Rosebury [Tewkesbury] April 25, 1892. Ran away May 27th 1904."
    I wrote back and asked him about Rosebury -- I cannot find any such place. He said it was definitely Rosebury, but it was crossed out and Tewkesbury was written beneath.Imagine Joe's life, self-raised from the age of 12!
    This is so exciting! Of course, it doesn't mean we will ever find a marriage record, birth record, or baptismal record, since we have already been looking for years, but it does give one hope!

  • Carolyn and Charlie visited his cousin Denise, and she gave us a copy of the Funeral Card for Frederic Pouliot, with his picture on it!!! She also had a photo of a boy in some sort of uniform, which bears a strong resemblance to Frederic and appears to be about the right period. I have added them to his records. These are the first pictures we've ever seen of Frederic, who died in 1920.

  • Carolyn did some searching on ancestry.com and found more info on Ira Benton Maul and his family. I updated the web site today.

  • While Carolyn and Charlie were in England in June, Charlie's cousin Douglas gave us several charts of the Butter Family Tree. This goes back to the 15th century! The Butters bought estates in Pitlochry and Easter Dunfallandy, Perthshire, and became Lairds. Many family members were in the East India Company and the British Army, one survived the Indian Mutiny, and a fifth cousin is now a Baroness of Lour and a Member of the Scottish Parliament!

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