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Family Photo Album

Spanish Ship Bay, Liscomb, Nova Scotia

Caroline McKinley and her daughter Drucilla are on the running board.

Spanish Ship Bay, looking across at McKinley Point (on the right). Jacob McKinley built a house on the ridge about 1821, then built three more houses closer to the shore for his sons. These houses are visible in the photo. Jacob and his wife Mary were buried on the point. Seth's house is on the main road, a little to the right from where this picture was taken.

Aaron McKinley at Seth's House, about 1940The Baker House

Seth MacKinley's HouseBaker House Next Door

Edna and Bessie in front of Fred Hartling's House, looking across at McKinley Point, about 1940.Wharf Road Fish Packing Plant,Liscomb, about 1940

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